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Nicky is currently living in Chicago and is pursuing her acting career. In the meantime, she is drinking way too much coffee, watching way too many behind-the-scenes clips from The Hobbit, and is trying not to take herself too seriously.

Nicky Jasper is a Meisner-trained actor and graduate of East Carolina University, where she received her BFA in Professional Acting. Some of her favorite featured roles include Kaye Hamilton in Stage Door, Chick Boyle in Crimes of the Heart, and the leader of the Furies in The Furies.

Although she loved her entire time as an ECU Pirate (Arrgghh!), some of the highlights for Nicky were directing, working in the scene shop, taking all the dance classes she possibly could, and--of course--anytime she got the chance to be on stage.

Nicky also became actively involved in stage combat while at ECU, and has received five Recommended Passes from the Society of American Fight Directors. She acted as the Fight Swing for the 2013 season of Horn in the West.

Nicky also spent a huge part of her senior year in front of a camera. Having completed a semester-long TV/Film intensive, she discovered her love for film. When she wasn't in rehearsal for a show in the ECU/Loessin Playhouse, she was acting in films like "Mind Over Mary" and "Reaper." (You can see clips of her different projects in her Film Reel) Nicky recently starred in the web series The Smart Rocks, a year-long project in which she got to combine her love of acting and music by playing the lead singer and bassist of a rock band. The cast performed and recorded the three original songs featured in the web series with Nicky on bass and lead vocals. Nicky also appeared in the independent film Nocturne, which screened at the Breckenridge Festival of Film and the Park City Film Music Festival.

Nicky also has a deep passion for music. Growing up in a family of musicians, it was only natural for her to follow suit. It all began when she marched into the living room as a fifth grader and told her mother, "I want to play violin." The rest is history. The next year, Nicky started playing upright bass (although no one believed that the 5'3'' girl could carry one, let alone play it). Nicky played in the Virginia Beach Symphony Orchestra, she was selected for All-City and Senior Regional Orchestra six years in a row, and even got to be a part of the Virginia All-State Orchestra. Nicky was a student at the Governor's School for the Arts Instrumental Music Department from 2006 to 2009, where she received rigorous music instruction from a fantastic faculty and private lessons from members of the Virginia Symphony. She auditioned for and was accepted into the East Carolina University Music Department, where she was fortunate enough to perform with the ECU Symphony Orchestra for two years, even though she was not a music student. She  continues to make music a huge part of her life today.

About Nicky

Nicky was accepted into The Swish Improv during her first year at ECU, and she remained a troupe member for four years. This short-form improv group met three nights a week to rehearse and performed monthly for a rapidly-growing audience. While Nicky was a member of Swish, they were invited to perform at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, they partnered and performed with other improv troupes in North Carolina and Virginia, offered and taught masterclasses, and put on a number of hilarious fundraisers. Nicky was also in charge of Public Relations for Swish during her membership, and she represented the group in the East Carolina Theatre Association.